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Yr 7 Parent Learning Group

Our last 2019, Term 4 Week 3 Parent Learning group took place in the Staff Common Room on Tuesday 29th October 2019.

Parent Learning Group Term 4 week 3

School TV

The topics for discussion included:

Dates of Interest

Learning Reflections meetings

Year 7-10 Examination period

Toolkit for Year 8

School TV

Student Recognition and Awards Scheme

Presentation Assemblies aand end of year 7  

As always we welcome your feedback, If you attended the session and would like to provide feedback or recommend topics for future meetings please email the Deputy Principal via the school email address 

Invitations for the Parent Learning Groups are sent via an alert on the skoolbag app and/or email.

Please ensure you have a current family email contact listed with the school to ensure you receive school correspondence.