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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  is a program whereby students will be able to bring a personal device to school to use. The school can provide the ability to connect compatible devices to a filtered internet service - please refer to our recommended minimum specifications.

What will be provided by the school?

The school will provide access to a filtered Wi-Fi internet service. No other support - hardware, software or service - will be provided by the school. 

Who pays for the technology brought to school?

These devices will be purchased by and remain the property of the student/family.

What types of devices may my child bring to school?

Students may bring devices such as laptops, notebooks, or tablets with in-built or attachable full size keyboard - please refer to our recommended minimum specifications.

Which device is best?

Please refer to the ‘Technology & BYOD’ page for our minimum device specifications.

Why are Apple devices not recommended?

The Department of Education (DoE) in NSW has built their software and systems on a Windows platform. This means that it is problematic, at times, for Apple devices to function as needed or expected. Issues may include: inability to connect to the wi-fi network; certificate errors; inability to connect and cast to audio visual equipment across the school; safari is not completely compatible across DoE software services; some Microsoft software made for Apple devices have known issues.

What if my child already owns and uses an Apple device or wants an Apple device, do I have to buy a Windows device?

No. While a Windows device is recommended, they are not required. In using or purchasing an Apple device you are aware of and fully accept the possible issues highlighted above and that no specific support will be provided by the school or the DoE.

Will there be a permission form that needs to be signed before a student brings their own device to school?

Yes. Parents will need to sign and return the BYOD agreement before students can use the device within the school. This agreement will be distributed to families annually.

How will theft, loss, or damage of a personally owned device be handled in a school?

The guidelines for the BYOD program specifically address the risk of students bringing their own devices to school. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices, whether purposeful or accidental.

Will I need to have Internet access at home?

No. However, it would be helpful to have some form of internet access (wired or wireless) in order for a child to make full use of school resources from home.

Will wireless access be filtered?

The wireless internet access available to students within the school will be filtered in the same way that access is managed at present in computing labs, via a secure proxy server.

Will there be technical assistance provided to access the wireless network or to assist with the use of BYOD devices?

Since there are literally hundreds of devices that could be brought to school as part of the BYOD program, this process may vary. Students will be expected to learn how to connect their devices to a wireless network. See Connecting to the Network for more details.

Will students be able to recharge devices during the school day?

Students should not have the expectation that they will be able to charge devices at school.

Can teachers require students to bring their own devices?

Yes. Students are required to participate in the BYOD program. If assistance is needed to purchase a device, please contact your child’s Year Deputy for further information.

Does the school provide Insurance for purposeful or accidental damage, loss or theft?

No. We do however recommend taking out insurance to cover these eventualities.

How will students be able to print?

Students will not have the capability to print from their devices at school.

Have teachers been trained to work in a BYOD environment?

Teachers have access to support resources to implement the BYOD program in their classrooms.

As a parent, am I required to add software (virus protection, filter, tracking device) to my child's technology tool?

Yes. All applicable devices that connect to the internet will need to have antivirus software installed. Please see the Our Digital Platforms page for further advice.

How will these devices be used in the classroom?

Students will use their devices for a variety of activities which will vary from class to class. Activities may include (but are not limited to): complete in-class activities, collaborate in real-time, research for projects, access websites with curriculum-related content, keep track of classroom assignments, submitting assessments, record journal entries and other approved instructional activities.

I don't have an electronic device that my child can bring to school. Will my child be penalised or miss out on instruction?

No. For assistance purchasing a device contact your child’s Year Deputy for more information.