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Uniform Guidelines

At Merewether High School we consider the wearing of uniform to be important for a number of educational, social and safety reasons. The wearing of uniform is important for students’ personal safety, promoting a sense of belonging for students and enhancing the positive perception of the school.

It is expected that students who attend Merewether High School wear the correct school uniform at all times.

Our school uniform policy has been overwhelmingly endorsed by our student representative council, staff, P&C Association  general parent body. Our school uniform plays an important role in MHS's positive image in the community and we urge all students to uphold the policy for its many benefits.

Our school promotes a sense of identity, common purpose, consistency, and unity in the daily activities of students. Wearing it develops pride in achievement and school, which contributes to the positive culture of the school and enables students to develop a sense of belonging to the school community.

We trust that your child will support our uniform code and respect the endorsement of the uniform guidelines by our school community members. Should students not wear uniform to school, they are required to bring a signed note from a parent or carer detailing the issue and requesting consideration for a nominated period.

Out of uniform notes should be submitted to a Deputy Principal on arrival at school. Every effort will be made to provide a replacement uniform for the period of time.

We seek your assistance of our expectation that all students of Merewether High School wear full school uniform each day they attend school. The cooperation of students, parents and carers in this matter is appreciated, please note:

  • students may wear the full sport uniform on sports day for the entire day, including our school jumper
  • on days where students have practical physical education lessons, they wear the full school uniform and bring their full sport uniform to change into at the start of their practical lesson
  • accessories, such as scarves and hats, are expected to complement the school uniform

Examples of acceptable school shoes.

Important guidelines in relation to Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS) exist for student footwear. School shoes are black, enclosed shoes that protect the whole foot. On Wednesdays (Sport Day), students are to wear joggers that are fully enclosed.