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Religion and Ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Where available, approved providers deliver these services.

Write to the school if you wish to withdraw your child from special religious education, sometimes known as scripture. Special education in ethics is an option for your primary-age child if you withdraw them from special religious education. For more information, visit Religion and ethics.

Special Religious Education

The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle's Adriana Pate of Hillsong Newcastle, provides Special Religious Education lessons Friday afternoons in P6 for students from Y7 to Y12 who have opted in by completing our SRE Participation form.

For information about the religious education curriculum visit Newcastle SRE Board.

Students who do not attend the SRE lessons will follow the regular school timetable. Those students remaining at school during period 6 who do not attend religious classes will be actively supervised by Teachers.

Lessons are offered each week to students in Year 7 to Year 12. All Year 7 students will receive a Special Religious Education participation letter that will need to be returned by all students whether they are opting to attend SRE lessons or opting out of attending. SRE is held during Period 6 each Friday afternoon. Students who do not attend the lessons will follow the regular school timetable and are dismissed from school at the end of Period 5.

Those who complete the required letter to the principal to withdraw from SRE and remain at school during period 6 will be actively supervised by Teachers. Students are provided with this information at the beginning of the year. Records are kept of the students who opt out.

Approved Provider Details

In accordance with the Education Act 1990, Special Religious Education (SRE) lessons are offered at Merewether High School. Adriana Pate from Hillsong Australia teaches lessons for the Newcastle SRE board on behalf of:

  • Anglican Diocese of Newcastle
  • Anglican Diocese of Sydney > Anglican Churches

Provider Contact Details

  • Anglican Diocese of Newcastle
  • SRE Instructor: Adriana Pate
  • Approved Provider: Anglican Diocese Sydney
  • Curriculum: Newcastle SRE Board
  • SRE Coordinator: Mr Alex Dey
  • SRE Coordinator Contact: 0408 490 247
  • SRE Coordinator email:
  • Board: Newcastle SRE Board Incorporated

Special Religious Education is offered as per the policy and procedures of the NSW Department of Education, please refer to the following relevant Policy and Procedures.

The local representatives of the above SRE Providers have agreed to cross-authorise the following SRE teacher at Merewether High School. The SRE teacher listed is appropriately authorised by their respective SRE Provider according to the Department of Education guidelines, has SRE Accreditation Training, and has met relevant requirements under the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and the Child Protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013.