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Year 7

Orientation Day

Starting high school is a time of new experiences as your child adjusts to a new school, makes new friends and gets used to having different teachers and classrooms for each subject. 

Thank you to everyone who attended Orientation Day. Beginning High School is a link to recap the information we presented at Orientation Day.

Early in Term 1 school diaries and timetables are issued to all Year 7 students and our Prefects begin travel training with them.

Year 7 Assessment Calendar

The Year 7 Assessment Calendar is a guide to due dates and other important information for Year 7. Individual class submission dates may vary due to the respective class timetables. The calendar is indicative of the week that a task will fall due. For courses where there is no formal written exam, assessment may fall due in class during the assessment or exam week.

Illness and Misadventure

Our Illness/Misadventure application form is the correct way to apply for extensions of assignment due dates and special consideration regarding examinations.

Parent Learning Group

Early in Term 1 we commence the year with our Parent Learning Group (PLG) for Year 7 in the Learning Centre with the first Year 7 PLG. This was followed by English and Wellbeing presentations. And here is a link to the latest T2 W1 Y7 PLG presentation.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions for future meetings, please Email MHS with the subject Year 7 PLG Suggestion.

Invitations for the Parent Learning Groups are sent via email. Please ensure you have a current family email contact listed with the school to ensure you receive school correspondence.

NAPLAN Schedule & Resources

Please consult the 2021 NAPLAN Schedule for dates and basic information. You can also access NAPLAN Papers to practise sitting for this exam.

Access to Practice Writing Tasks:

Year 8 Subject Selection

Our Year 8 Curriculum Handbook 2022 booklet outlines our curriculum choices for next year and Year 8 Subject Presentation provides an overview of the selection process. Subject specific staff will also be available for consultation.

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