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Social Sciences

... science is morally neutral, but social science shows us that some moral codes are better than others ...  MARIO BUNGE

Social Science is a dynamic department with a strong tradition of academic excellence; committed to helping students to learn, understand and apply knowledge and skills. We recognise that students live in a world characterised by rapid change; we challenge students to respond to the unpredictable and unexpected. Future success depends on knowing how to adapt, to apply and to understand what is needed to solve problems. With this in mind, we prepare students to be participative leaders and effective, responsible citizens.

The Social Science faculty has a strong connections with the broader community, which allows us to draw on greater community expertise to broaden our student's educational experiences. We enhance learning by providing substantial extra-curricula activities that provide students with the opportunity to integrate real world applications and values with theoretical knowledge.


In the Social Sciences we aim to nurture the whole student to achieve personal excellence while being an evaluative, critical and socially responsible citizen.


  • Y7 Geography field work
  • Y8 Commerce Market Stalls
  •  Oceanography field work
  • Y9 Business Expo stalls
  • Y10 Geography fieldwork
  • Y11 Geography fieldwork Blue Mountains
  • Y11 Business case study local business
  • Y11 Y12 Economics RBA events
  • Y11 Y12 Legal Studies guest speakers
  • Y12 Geography fieldwork Melbourne
  • Y12 Geo. & Business fieldwork Tamburlaine
  • Y12 Business case studies IKEA & McDonalds
  • Y10 Geography field work
  • ASX Sharemarket Game
  • Australian Geography competition
  • Plan Your Own Enterprise competition
  • Mock Trial
  • Enviro Group


  • BENNETT Glenn
  • BERRY Rob 
  • HORRELL Philip 
  • JOHNSON Louise 
  • RICE Nathan TUE-THU
  • SORBY Erika


STAGE 4: Y7 & Y8

  • Geography
  • Commerce ELECTIVE
  • Oceanography ELECTIVE

STAGE 5: Y9 & Y10

  • Geography
  • Commerce ELECTIVE
  • Geography ELECTIVE

STAGE 6: Y11 & Y12

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Legal Studies


  • 1st in Course HSC Legal Studies Imogen L.
  • Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition NSW Winner Jade Hunter
  • Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition NSW Finalist William Lucas


  • Ben Homer commentator for Fox Sports
  • Imogen Lewis studying Law at USyd
  • Jade Hunter PWCS Business scholarship
  • William Lucas studying Business at UoN