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Free Software Download

Free Software

All NSW Department of Education and Communities students are eligible to download and licence Adobe and Microsoft software. This software is only available to download onto personally owned devices.

Office 365

1. Logon to Student Portal
2. Click Microsoft Office 365
3. Click the option Install Office
4. In the drop down menu select Office 365 Apps
5 The installation file should begin to download. 
6 Open the file and follow the prompts to install Office on your device.

For more information see Microsoft Office 365

Adobe Creative Cloud

This contains programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional and more. To purchase please visit On the HubStudents use their student email address to verify their eligibility and sign in to On the Hub. To register, click on the "Sign In" link at the top of the page and then click on the REGISTER button. A verification email will be sent to your DEC email address. To complete the registration please select the link provided in the email. Individual students are eligible for one download per application only.

Common Software

In a BYOD environment students will used a range of devices, such as Apple iPads, Google Chromebooks and Microsoft Surface Pros. Our Device Specific Software Guide outlines software or apps for a range of learning activities related to the device being used. This guide is posted prominently in learning spaces around the school.