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Parent Learning Groups

Parent Learning Groups

Parent Learning Groups are scheduled each term on Tuesdays from 9.00am - 10.30am.  You will be emailed an invitation in the week before the Parent Learning Group and dates are available on the calendar in the Sentral Parent Portal. 


More information, including handout booklets and recent presentations, is available in the School Years section or go to specific years:

NAPLAN  Year 7 & Year 9

Visit our Year 7 or Year 9 page for more information about NAPLAN testing this year.

Sample Topics

The Sample Topics list outlines discussion items that are raised at our Parent Learning Groups - topics vary according to year groups and specific needs.

  • purpose of Parent Learning Groups
  • overview of school personnel
  • school counsellor & adolescent issues
  • introduction to specific school personnel, eg. Head teacher Welfare and Year Advisors
  • learning, assessment & feedback
  • KLA specific presentations
  • acceleration opportunities
  • how to use your diary
  • exam preparation
  • parents meet & greet in class groups.
  • NAPLAN strategies for parents
  • school counsellor
  • early adolescence, am I normal?
  • time management & organisation
  • cyber safety advice
  • class structures
  • school certificate assessment advice
  • resilience building
  • effective study habits
  • stage 6 study requirements
  • assessment processes and advice
  • HSC program of study
  • HSC Assessment calendars
  • BOS requirements
  • study planners
  • mentor program
  • ATAR, moderation, scaling