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A word after a word after a word is power ... MARGARET ATWOOD

English study is mandatory in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 12. Students learn about the English language through written, spoken and visual texts of increasing complexity as they progress through their schooling. An understanding of the English language is central to how we communicate and essential for intellectual, social and emotional development. The study of English should develop a love of literature and learning and be challenging and enjoyable. It develops skills to enable students to experiment with ideas and expression, to become active, independent and lifelong learners, to work with each other and to reflect on their learning. Our English staff are highly experienced team and work collaboratively to provide quality learning opportunities for all students. They are committed to providing a diverse and differentiated curriculum to ensure that all students are engaged in a range of innovative and challenging learning experiences.


  • enable students to take their place as confident communicators, critical and imaginative thinkers, lifelong learners and informed, active participants in society
  • successfully deliver the English curriculum to support students in giving expression to their aspirations and ideals


  • in 2020 all our students in the English Advanced course achieved a Band 4, 5 or 6


  • BIRAM Kelly
  • BURDEKIN Michelle
  • CARMEN Ann
  • DALEY Belinda
  • GOLLAN Olivia
  • LATIMORE Alison
  • McNAUGHTON Donna
  • PARKER Lisa 
  • ROBERTS Anna


  • Plain English Public Speaking
  • Legacy Public Speaking competition
  • public speaking workshops
  • Year 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Debating
  • State Premier’s Debating Competition
  • expert coaching through Consensus Education
  • World’s Greatest Debate


STAGE 4: Y7 & Y8

  • English

STAGE 5: Y9 & Y10    

  • English

STAGE 6: Y11 & Y12

  • English Standard
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1
  • English Extension 2