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BYOD Student Responsibilities

BYOD Student Responsibilities

Operating BYOD hardware and software:

  • students must only utilise their BYOD hardware and software for learning purposes while at school, please refer to the BYOD and Technology Code of Conduct for further information

Operating system and anti-virus:

  • students must ensure they have a legal and licensed version of a supported operating system and of software, student laptops or tablets must be equipped with anti-virus software

NSW DoE Wi-Fi network connection:

  • student devices are only permitted to connect to the department's Wi-Fi network while at school, there is no cost for this service

Battery life and charging:

  • students must ensure they bring their laptop or tablet to school fully charged for the school day, no charging equipment will be supplied by the school

Theft and damage:

  • students are responsible for securing and protecting their laptop or tablet at school, any loss or damage to a device is not the responsibility of the school or the Department

Maintenance and support:

  • students are solely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their devices


  • students should ensure they are comfortable using their device during the school day particularly in relation to screen size, sturdy keyboard etc

Data back-up:

  • students are responsible for backing-up their own data and should ensure this is done regularly


  • students and their parents/caregivers are responsible for arranging their own insurance  and should be aware of the warranty conditions for the device