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School Canteen

Term 1 2022 Canteen Update

Welcome back, we have a great summer menu, but due to covid can't allow student self service. We prefer online orders through Qkr! app, manual orders can be made from 8.30am.

With online ordering please ensure you have set the correct school year. This will guarantee your order is in the correct pick up line. 

Online Ordering closes at 8am, to help with this timeframe, we open the menu up by Sunday so you can plan your week and are guaranteed your meal every day.  

Price Changes: we have tried to absorb most of the increase in prices. We have looked for alternative suppliers and ingredients to keep prices down. However there are 3 items that need to be increased. Sausage Rolls $3.20, Mini Garlic Bread $2, Beef Lasagne $4.20.

We welcome Sushi back on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with four varieties: Teriyaki Chicken, Tuna, Salmon and Vegetable.

We are happy to have Large Chicken chilli wraps, Mexican Chicken Black Bean Burrito and Lamb Kofta wraps after your feedback and successful trials throughout term 4 2021.

As well as our popular items, Chicken Fillet Roll, Taco's with slow cooked pulled chicken, Black bean Burritos, Tortilla triangles and Beef Burgers. We look forward to seeing you at the canteen, and wish you a great term ahead. Kind regards, MHS Canteen Committee

P&C School Canteen 

Parents can quickly become a part of the MHS community by working in the school canteen. It is a fast, flexible way to make a contribution to school life while meeting other parents.

Merewether's canteen is a service operated by the P&C, managed by its Canteen Committee and staffed each day by a paid manager and parent volunteers.

Canteen Objectives

  • to provide a safe, healthy and affordable food service to MHS students, staff and visitors
  • to encourage student awareness of healthy food choices
  • to create funds to be used for school-related purposes as determined by the P&C

Canteen Operations

We can offer a professional, profitable canteen service only because parents volunteer. The P&C's Canteen Committee look for ways in which to improve the canteen's offerings and service.

The Committee organises, controls, manages and administers the canteen operation and delegates tasks to employees, contractors and volunteers.

Canteen Menu T2 & T3 2022


Merewether High P&C utilises the Qkr! online ordering system for the school canteen. With the Qkr! system, all costs are borne by the P&C and there will be no additional charges for students to order online.

Online ordering significantly streamlines canteen processes and saves students time in lining up to order their lunches or purchase from the self-service section.

It also minimises cash handling for both students and our canteen staff/volunteers. If you have any issues please email Michelle our Canteen Assistant Manager.

Canteen Volunteers

Parents are very welcome to join the committee or simply volunteer to work in the canteen - most choose once a month or once a term, and/or as a last-minute fill-in.

Please contact us with your availability, with any questions, or with ideas for how to improve the canteen operations at MHS Canteen.

Thanks to everyone who volunteers, we can only provide this service to students with your generous support. If your availability has changed please email our Canteen Manager.